10 Things with J and Ben

It’s April 2020. The UK is locked down. Coronavirus stalks the world like a hormonal teenager at a house party. Boris “mop” Johnson and Donald “bigly orange” Trump are in a race to idiot mountain. There’s only one thing for it… Make a podcast. A comedy podcast.

The antidote to boring stuff, everywhere.

Narc Magazine

Just a couple of lovely Geordie lads. Good night 10 Things.

Reginald D Hunter

When Jason Roberts suggested the idea I thought he was winding me up. He was. He carried on doing it. Every week. For at least an hour. He’s very good at it. He’s had 30 years practice.

The result of his genius, camaraderie and “fuck this let’s be funny” attitude was a podcast that trended top 15 on Apple comedy charts.

It also featured guests including Reginald D Hunter, Kerry Godliman, Lauren Pattison, Jason Cook and Curtis Stigers. Yes, that Curtis Stigers.

You can listen to some of the episodes below. For more, visit our website here. What next you say? Now that would be telling. We’ve paused for a bit…like J went into hospital and I scared my family away…but we have some very cool comedy names lined up for specials in 2021.

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  2. waves licking up to me shingles and do not talk unless it's dinner
  3. posh people don't have compounds and dogs with diggers
  4. dolly does vampires and coffee with hilary
  5. fiery vicars and talking toilets
  6. beard orienteering and lockdown wrestling