literary development and Alphabetti Theatre

I’ve been trying to write since 1993. (Yes, I’m old.) I say “trying” because…you try, get it wrong, try again, get better. That’s why they call it a practice.

I don’t claim to be the most successful writer. But I’ve learned some things. I also have teaching and coaching qualifications. And I care about giving writers opportunities and support.

I’ve loved doing that as a producer, and as Literary Manager and Associate Literary Producer at Alphabetti Theatre since 2014. (Look out for opportunities at Alpahbetti here.)

Reading scripts, feeding back, helping a writer develop their craft and realise their vision- joy!

I’ve run courses and workshops, developed plays and mentored individuals. I’m not going to boast about who I’ve worked with. (Hate that.) But some have done pretty well and I’m glad to have helped. Maybe I could help you too?

Work with me…

Working on a script? A book? An article? Running a writer development programme?

I can offer:

  • script reports
  • 1-to-1 sessions
  • ongoing mentoring/coaching
  • writing prompts
  • one off workshops
  • courses & programmes
  • readings & feedback sessions

A report will sometimes cost £20-£30. Other than that I don’t have set fees. I believe support should be accessible and affordable. I’ll work with people and projects where I can offer something useful. I’ve helped a lot of writers without charge.

Let me know what you need help with and if I’m interested we can work something out.