still changing the world

When is a day job not a day job? When its more than a job. When it matters. I’ve done a host of producing, writing and creative jobs. I’ve also led community arts programmes, consulted for children’s charities, piloted a citizenship curriculum, run a homelessness task force, managed services for families, young people, refugees…and more.

My career has been, shall we say, eclectic? Interesting? Diverse? Try as I might, I can’t turn off my desire to leave the world a better place than I found it. And I’ve discovered that creative work and “day jobs” feed each other.

the Covid generation (horrible term, I know!)

In 2021 I’m taking a role with the Careers and Enterprise Company, working from Leeds to the Scottish borders to ensure every young person has fantastic skills and work experience opportunities. Youth unemployment and poverty are rising at pace in our post-Covid world. I hope this work can provide a positive way our and up for many.

culture rules – let’s change the rules

Here are a few things I’m part of that will (hopefully) make a fairer more diverse creative sector:

Cultural Democracy working group, Newcastle Culture Compact

talent and skills sub-group North East Culture Partnership

North East Playwrights

Culture Against Racism

Discover! Creative Careers

Hope Under Neo-Liberal Austerity

I’m also going to do all I can to support and champion those working to make the sector open to all, and promote opportunities. Cheque my Twitter for updates.