stuff Ben’s doing

You know that socially distanced walk with a mate? Haven’t seen them for a while, due to lockdowns 1 through 86. You start with pleasantries. Follow up with the good, bad and ugly personal news. Before they ask: “so, what you up to?” This fills me with dread. What will they think of where I’m at? So much has changed since Covid.

I have what some people call a “day job”. I’m aware that a lot of others lack that security. I hope my walking companion understands that I know I’m lucky, and that I go to work to make positive social change.

I also hope they will remember the audio projects I did (24 Hours in Isolation, 10 Things) which tried to make people laugh and feel connected in a time of crisis. These are still live. And may have some new episodes soon.

“What about stuff with writers?” I want them to hear that I’m still an Associate at Alphabetti Theatre and that I’m up for helping writers. I’d like to tell them about some collaborations I’ve got bubbling too.

I definitely want them to see my blog, and say how much they like/hate/couldn’t care less about what I write.

I’d like you to know about these things too. Whether we’re walking or not. Because any interest you show in me will be repaid, over again. What are you up to? Hope over here and let me know.