theatre writing

I was messing up my A’Levels. Spending more time in the pub than was legal or helpful. Then theatre writing came along and grabbed me by the bootstraps. Now how did that happen?

A black and white photo hung in our hall. Six feet by four. My Dad. In profile, fist clenched, stage lights on his shoulder, a playwright’s words burning in his mouth. Imposing. Impressive. It never paled into the wallpaper.

So, when aged 17 a tutor said “why not write a play?” The answer was involuntary. 100% yes. Dad’s old poster had done it’s job.

A deftly serious piece, focussing on issues larger than any singular lifetime and with pivotal repercussions.

Review of Eclipse, The Stage.

I earned a BA in theatre writing at Rose Bruford College. Took programmes with the Royal Court, Live Theatre, BBC. I’ve been seduced by the promise of big credits. But I’m at home in the margins.

If cash and status are your thing, plough elsewhere. But…socially engaged drama? Innovation? Collaboration? Fringe is your furrow!

It’s given me a back catalogue, decent reviews, runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and an association with Alphabetti Theatre. I’ve worked with many people way more talented than me. Learned lots! And ended up directing, producing and helping other writers.

Heart, humour, an ear for the big human story in an everyday setting, and a dose of musical daftness

Review of Carols and Cocktails, Shields Gazette

A daft trailer for a daft play…enjoy!

  • Eclipse, a theatre play written by Ben Dickenson
  • Ben Dickenson has written dozens of short theatre plays for Alphabetti Theatre since 2014
  • Ben Dickenson was a theatre writer for Write on Tap
  • VS, written by Ben Dickenson
  • Ben Dickenson wrote the theatre show Single None in 2007.
  • Ben Dickenson's first play was The Investigation